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Laadi Designs was formed to bring high quality, handmade sandals and bags to the conscious consumer. Our products are made using traditional weaving methods with an accent on design and bold colors. 

Laadi Designs believes in relationships based on trust, respect, and solidarity. Our ladies sandals are handcrafted in Oaxaca, Mexico by a talented group of artisans in a family workshop. With 30 years of experience, these shoe makers have a knack for gorgeous fabric, distinct style, and a passion for quality. 

Our sandals create a culture of unity, they embody a genuine connection between the consumer, the artisan, and the distance in-between. 

We understand that the purchases we make as consumers has the ability to leave a footprint around the globe…so why not leave a positive, empowering footprint? That is our mission. Empower the artisan, empower the consumer.

A portion of each purchase will go towards supporting girls' education around the globe through She's the First. Education allows us to break down the boxes society puts us in and overcome the walls of circumstance. We believe in making the most of the world we were given. 

-Alisa & Amber