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Laadi Designs works closely with several different family workshops in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.  We work to promote traditional shoe making and weaving in the area while providing sustainable long-term relationships that generate reliable income to these families.


Laadi's artisan sandals are handcrafted by talented artisans located 1.5 hours outside of the city of Oaxaca, Mexico.  The artisan workshop is a woman run family workshop. Clara, along with her daughters and other family members have been crafting beautiful sandals for over 30 years. 


The entire process is done by hand including the leather tanning, soling, and adding gorgeous handwoven fabrics. Our textiles are woven by hand on a pedal loom. We partner with small workshops in the region.  




Laadi's bags are all handwoven in Teotitlan de Valle on a tapestry loom using age old traditions and techniques.  Weavers in Teotitlan de Valle are some of the best tapestry weavers in the world. 

The process of making a bag includes dying wool in small batches in the artisan's house.  The wool comes in several natural shades of white, cream, grey, and brown.  The wool yarn is boiled with dye or natural pigments and a fixative like lime is added.  The wool is then set out to dry.  


Once the wool is ready, the weavers prepare the bi-peddle treadle loom by running the cotton warp threads on the loom according to the size of the weaving.  They then add the desired patterns with the weft fibers by passing them over and under the warp threads using a wooden shuttle. 

Weavers in Teotitlan del Valle 

Once the weaving or tapestry is finished, it is taken off the loom and cleaned.  Laadi's bags are send to another family workshop to be assembled into beautiful bags.  

Each piece is a labor of love and artistic creation.  Weavers in Teotitlan del Valle take real pride in their art and proceeds from weaving have made a remarkable impact on the quality of life of the people in this entire town.